Question: How can I get selected dog?

Answer: We talk to our customers by a phone. When we do bussiness 1st time, we prefer to meet the customer in person. If the customer doesn`t want or cannot come to the Europe, he can choose the dog he wants, we arrange all details (where and when the dog is supposed to be sent) we can work on the wire transfer. After the payment is sent, let us manage all necesarry details mentioned above. But If the customer decides to come to our kennel and see the dogs on his own eyes, that`s the best way for us. We will pick YOU up from the airport (usually Vienna) and we will take care of YOU, you don`t have to be worried about place to stay or food. YOU can test dogs by yourself and decide which dog you want. Then we drive you back to the airport with the dogs.


Question: What is the health guarantee for my dog? How can I get it?

Answer: Slovakian-K9 fully guarantees that our dogs are free of any medical issues. We have our dedicated veterinarian which examines all our purchased dogs and examines each of them complete including x-rays of hips and elbows before we pay for the dog. Every our dog has his x-rays pictures listed in his section so YOU can check for yourself if the dog is worth purchasing or not. However if you will decide to buz the dog, we are giving you 8 weeks guarantee for x-rays after purchasing of selected dog. Also we provide our customers with a health certificate, which comes with every one of our dogs. If necesarry, we can let our dogs to be tested for hearthworm as well. If our dogs develops any genetic medical problems during the first 12 months of ownership and it's determined that the problem is genetic, the dog will be replaced for free. We reserve the right to have our veterinarians review all medical records from your veterinarian before any replacement dog will be issued.


Question: What is your performance guarantee?

Answer: Slovakian-K9 offers this type of guarantee as well. Unless other wise stated, all our dogs come with a 14 day working guarantee. If the dog you purchased does not have the drives that you requested, just let us know and we will make a deal and getting you a replacement dog.


Question: If the dog has a pedigree, how can I get it?

Answer: If your purchased dog is listed with the pedigree, its important for us to know, if YOU need an export pedigree or just a hard copy. In most US contries, you will need an export pedigree to register a dog in a particular state. If the selected dog doesn`t need to be registered, hard copy is enough. We attach it to a crate in envelope with the dog at the airport in a day when the dog will be leaving. If you want an export pedigree, it takes time (due to byrocratic procedures). In this case, our guarantee is to send requested pedigree within 6-12 weeks via UPS. We will send you a tracking number of you package so you can track you pedigree and see when its coming.


Question: What is the process to ship the dog to me?


Answer: The process is pretty simple. We will contact our contractor shipping company - Animal First Bogner OG, Vienna. They usually ship through Lufthansa or Delta airlines. It means, they flying to other countries regularly and a few times a week so you can have YOUR dog home as fast as possible. Air freight of live animals now represents a large part of their air transport volume. After paying, we car drive the dog to the Vienna and ship him within one or two weeks. However, holidays, health status of the dogs, airport delays or weather can still endanger the transport schedule, so shipping could be complicated or delayed sometimes.