Our focus is to train dogs for:


Dual purpose,

These dogs are patrol dogs who are trained in detection as well. These dogs are able to do short and long distance attacks. All our dogs are social, but will do criminal apprehension if necesarry. This presents a big up-front cost savings compared to acquiring multiple dogs as well as long term savings of the sustaining costs associated with handling and maintaining a multiple dog K9 unit. This is very particular advantage for small police departments a high profile executives where a single dog might be expected to be used in various situations rather than a specialist in one particular skill.


Single purpose detection,

Green detection dogs are active, energetic working dogs in the detection of a hard rubber ball, play toy, plastic pipe or rolled up towel. We can also provide a dogs able to play and search metal if needed.




Personal protection,

Personal Protection Dogs are trained for one specific function - to protect you, your family and property. They also offer companionship as a trusted friend to you and zour family. Unlike the commonly perceived "guard dogs" or "sentry dogs" - which are trained to aggress on any showed invasion of their domain without command - Personal Protection Dogs are trained to react only when commanded to by their owner. However it should be understood that these dogs will react without command when the owner is not around, threatened, or disabled and unable to command the dog. In essence, these are "command" dogs, trained to respond in difficult situations.

Dogs are tested and trained in folowing enviroments


Closed area search:

This test includes various buildings and building enviroment where dog has to show his confidence to hunt for toy independently and mostlikely without any stimulation without a handler. We simulate all possible enviroment issues (sudden and continuous noises, slick floors, stairs, lights) in which dogs are exposed to. They have to show no distraction during their search.


Open area search:

This test consits with searching into open areas, like fields, grassy areas, woods, soccer fields, hangars, big storage places etc. Dogs has to search also on their own, mostly with no stimulation. They have to search at least for a couple of minutes without showing lack of focus or returning to a handler for help.


Bite work in closed area:

We do this test moslty in building places (old buildings, factories, abandoned hotel, our own training place) where we can simulate all possible things which a dog can encounter with. Dog has to show courage to attack an intruder without hesitation. We test dogs with or without helper (dog can be tied up to something, or let loose inside a building). Dog has to stand the ground a defend him or the handler. Dogs has also be able to find a hidden prey in boxes, cupboards etc. He has to be able to reach for prey if its on a high place. He cannot hesitate to jump over something for a bite or not to back off from a bite when something unexpected happens (weird noises, something fall on the ground etc.)


Bite work in open areas:

This test includes a bite with or without handler, long distance bite, defense while tied on a pole or defending a handler. Every dog has to defend his teritory without a handler. To test a resistance of a gunshot is a must.



In this test dogs has to search inside or under the started vehicle. We test their bite work there as well. In detection, we often hide a toy around the car or inside a car. Dog has to be able to jump for a toy on a car as well, with or without engine started.